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November 20th: Children’s Rights Day

On November 20th 1989, the International Convention on Children’s Rights was unanimously adopted by all member states of the United Nations.

Its implemenation sets a goal and will allow humankind to move forward. We all agree on that!

This is also the date of the International Children’s Rights day and, coincidentally, Humanium’s birthday, which was founded on November 20th, 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland, the city of peace.

15.000 kids die every day for reasons that are avoidable.

1 child that dies is 1 too much. We won’t stop before we have done our maximum to support and co-create a future in dignity for all our little ones.

If in India, in Rwanda or any other of the 195 countries worldwide, Humanium listens to the most marginalized ones, creates from them, with them, whatever is needed, if food, if water, if education.

Slowly but steadily, children’s rights are more and more respected.

We empower those who haven’t been listened to yet.

Nothing, nothing makes sense if the voices from our children are not deeply listened to. From there, we co-create.

We embrace the unspeakable, we enjoy our emotions, feelings, from the darkest to the most joyful ones, creating safe environment where people can open up, re-connect to their inner child, let tears flow.

When laughters fills the room, we are recreating communities where magic can happen and supporting the countries, from the inside out, using mindsets as a supporter of everyone’s heart.

Every child has its own fundamental rights!

Yes, everyone has the right to live, must eat, drink, wishes to express oneself, needs to enjoy health, needs to be registered, shall enjoy education and children especially need protection and wish to evolve.

That is where we come in with the most powerful tools of life coaching, psychology, somatic experiencing, mediation and law.

We co-create children’s rights from the inside out.

We made more than
17 Millions people around the globe aware of children’s rights since 20/11/2008.

Co-create children’s rights

Our unique approach…

Humanium is an NGO specialized in children’s rights with dedicated methods.

In Rwanda we have shown over the last 5 years how much the locals have created a better life for themselves and their communities.
Role playing in workshops, becoming conscious, looking at oneself and the suffering, looking ahead into a Rwanda where children’s rights are respected, here and now and for the future generations, like a healing trend that is spreading in neighboring countries and slowly but steadily all over Africa.

…Implemented in Rwanda:

  • Who we are

    Humanium is an international NGO dedicated to co-creating children’s rights throughout the world with every willing human being.

  • What we do

    We empower people worldwide on children’s rights to create a grassroot movement of change agents.

    We implement the rights of the child at a local level using a unique interdisciplinary combination of legal tools and psychosocial techniques.

    We promote the emergence and development of an online community by using digital communication, technologies and tools to educate adults and children on children rights in a simple and understandable way.

    We provide legal assistance for victims of children’s rights violations.

  • Where we work

    Founded in 2008 in Geneva, Humanium is a network of three entities in Switzerland, France and Germany, working with local partners in Rwanda and India.

    Our work reach is worldwide!

  • A highly transparent NGO

    Available online, our detailed audited accounts are published in our Annual Report so that everyone can see how donations are being used.

    How do we intend to use your donation?

    90% will finance projects to co-create children’s rights
    5% will cover the fundraising fees
    3% will cover the transaction fees
    2% will cover the administrative fees

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