Aid project for children in Turkey

Aid project for children in Turkey

Creation of a library in a refugee shelter for unaccompanied minors

This project will allow unaccompanied refugee children to enjoy reading by providing resources in multiple languages

Kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Partner: Human Resource Development Foundation
Beneficiaries: 120 unaccompanied minors
Amount allocated : 1,000 EUR
Year: 2014

Project’s status: Completed

Project description

For the last few years, Turkey has found itself at the heart of forced immigration. In addition to Syrian refugees, unaccompanied minors coming from central Africa, Iran, and Afghanistan have also found themselves in the camps. Aged 12, 15, or 17 years old, they have fled from conflict, torture or prison. When they arrive in Istanbul, some still carry the marks of violence on their backs and on their faces.
The Human Resource Development Foundation, an NGO based in Istanbul, offers psychological consultation to these refugee minors, gives them sociolegal council, and accompanies them to state agencies. It also guides them to a shelter. However, this organisation has a limited budget and does not offer any sociocultural resources.
The project supported by Humanium aims to create a large library with hundreds of books and a small number of DVDs in several languages. In doing so, Humanium is offering these young people the opportunity to keep reading and have an enriching intellectual pastime. A book is not simply a connection to the outside world, but also a tool for educational development and cultural exchange.
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