Our projects

Projects to help children

Humanium supports projects for children on a global scale. Our projects aim to put an end to the violations of children’s rights. They are designed and implemented in cooperation with local partners.

We have a participatory approach, which respects diverse peoples and their cultures. Our priority is to ensure the protection of children and their welfare. We endeavour to act in the best way possible and we are committed to our Ethical Charter. Our projects to help children are regularly monitored by our teams and their financing is subject to independent and transparent inspection.


Uganda (1 project)
Madagascar (1 project)
Senegal (1 project)
Rwanda (3 projects)


Guatemala (1 project)
Honduras (1 project)Bolivia (1 project)

Asia & Pacific

Bangladesh (1 project)
China (1 project)
India (10 projects)

Europe & The Caucasus

Bulgaria (1 project)

Middle East and North Africa

Palestine (1 project)
Turkey (1 project)