Ethics Charter

Humanium’s Ethics Charter

Humanium tries to act for the best. Our priority is child welfare. Humanium’s commitment is an ethical and responsible commitment.

Humanium’s ethical principles :

  • Humanism : the human being, whose dignity is unalienable, is central to all our actions. The respect of the human person is fundamental. Child welfare is our priority.
  • Neutrality : Humanium is nonpolitical and non-confessional, our work is impartial and aid is determined by the mere needs. It is provided equitably and without any discrimination.
  • Independence : to respect the law, Humanium takes care to be free from any power, influence or interference in its actions.
  • Diversity : Humanium commits itself to understanding, respecting and putting forward the differences between people and between the peoples.
  • Democracy and Participation : democratic values are central to Humanium’s work. Everyone can express themselves freely and equally.
  • Autonomy and Involvement : Humanium’s actions aim at the autonomy and the involvement of all the protagonists, by putting forward everyone’s skills and resources.
  • Sustainable development : Humanium gives priority to a socio-economic system, respectful of the human beings and Nature, for present and future generations.
  • Transparency : Humanium commits itself to provide clear, consistent and comprehensive information about its activities at all levels.