Having launched over the last 10 years in Switzerland, France and Germany with field projects in Rwanda and in India, Humanium helps humans inside-out.

Yes, each of us has our own needs, challenges and wishes. And that is where we connect and develop high aspirations for today’s children. In Rwanda our main focus lies in healing genocide child victims from the trauma they have suffered since 1995, putting our focus on ending violence. In India our main focus is to make child labor a thing of the past and get children back to school.

Humanium works with groups of about 50, in workshops organized in their villages. We dig into our own needs and from there, gauge the the needs of our workshop participants.

Yes, when we adults connect and feel into our own needs, only then are we able to feel into and understand the needs of today’s children.

Humanium’s methodology is developed by human rights defenders who are life coaches, psychologists, leadership graduates and therapists. It focuses on protecting and helping children in a way that results in them becoming aware of their capacity to realize their wishes. This way, we empower children to realize their goals within their local communities.

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