Infant mortality

The global situation of child mortality is dramatic, since a child dies every 4 seconds. However, solutions do exist and an overwhelming majority of these deaths are easily preventable.


Children with HIV/AIDS

AIDS is a virus whose impact only increases from year to year. It kills millions of people and does not spare children who are direct victims (children with HIV) or indirect (orphans of AIDS).


Suicide of children

A sensitive subject whose causes are numerous and sometimes difficult to identify, suicide among children is a taboo phenomenon. With little attention on an international level, it appears to be increasing in recent years.


Shadow kiss © Blue Mountains, AustraliaAdolescents Sexuality

Adolescence represents a delicate phase in the transition between childhood and adulthood in which young people develop their personality and construct their identity. The topic of adolescent sexuality opens up a huge debate as to the recognition of these young people as sexual beings.

Children and Addictions

Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to a wide range of temptations…this transformational period is characterized by risk-taking and excessive behavior, an attraction to things that are prohibited and by the desire to experiment…in addition to promiscuous sexual activity, this experimental period includes the consumption of both legal and illegal drugs.

Childhood illnesses

Childhood is a period when the immune system is still being developed. This vulnerability explains the large number of diseases that affect children. Despite treatment efforts against the diseases that attack, there is a high mortality rate among children.