Isolation and Rootlessness

Isolation and Rootlessness


Today, 153 million children are orphaned throughout the world. This fact leads to tragic consequences on children’s development and rights.

Displaced children

Each year, millions of people flee their homes either willingly or by force because of armed conflict, violent situations, persecution, violations of human rights or natural disasters.

Disappeared children

Each year around the globe, many children disappear without being found. Runaways, abductions by parents or by other, these acts are difficult to prevent and have dire consequences on the children that are subject to it.

Stateless and invisible children

In the absence of recognition and registration at the time of birth, the child may be stateless. Therefore, the child does not have an official identity or nationality and is invisible to society.

Family and children’s rights

The International Convention on the Rights of the Child gives all children the right to a family. The right to a family allows children to be connected to their history, and it offers a protective perimeter against violation of their rights.