Legal Structure

Humanium legal structure

Humanium is made up of three non-profit organizations : in Switzerland, in France and in Germany.

Founded on the 20th of November 2008 in Geneva, the Humanium Association first came into being in Switzerland. It was founded by Arndt and Olivier Soret with the aim of implementing children’s rights.

Humanium in Switzerland

The association is an officially recognized non-profit organization, which has its headquarters in the Canton of Geneva and is governed by Swiss law. By calendrical coincidence or predetermined destiny, Humanium was founded on the day children’s rights are celebrated!

Statutes of the Humanium Association in Switzerland

Humanium, on the NGO list of the Geneva State Chancellery’s Protocol Service

Humanium in France

Humanium is an association under local law since its headquarters are in Alsace. It constitutes a separate corporate body in its own right. It is articles 21 to 79-III of the local civil code which govern the association and not the 1901 law as in the rest of France.

Statutes of the Humanium Association in France

Extrait published in the Official Journal of the French Republic

Status in the SIRENE register (directory of the national identification system for individuals, corporate bodies and their organizations

Humanium in Germany

Humanium e.V. is a registered association founded in 2009 near Berlin. Just as with the other Humanium associations, its mission is to implement children’s rights, in particular through humanitarian projects supporting sustainable development.

Statutes of the Humanium Association in Germany (in Germany)