The worrying prison conditions of minors in France

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In France, the number of incarcerated minors has sharply increased in recent years. In addition to the worrying rise in convictions, conditions for imprisoned minors do not always respect the specific needs of adolescents. The deprivation of children’s freedom must be a last resort and, if they are imprisoned, they must always be held separately […]

The detention of child migrants in desert camps along the US-Mexico border

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An increasing number of families with children have been making dangerous journeys for safety in the US, with their applications often processed amidst challenging circumstances. The treatment of children by US border control in encampments has raised significant concerns, with reports indicating violations of their rights. As a result of these adverse conditions, these children […]

Protecting the rights of donor-conceived children in Canada’s gamete donation practices

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With the increased use of assisted human reproduction, anonymous gamete donation presents a growing concern for donor-conceived children. Historically, donor-conceived children have been left with minimal protection for their physical and mental wellbeing. It is crucial to ensure access to verifiable information such as donor medical history and ongoing relevant health information to fulfill the […]

The struggling life in orphanages for children of convicted parents in China

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In China, a significant number of parents are incarcerated due to criminal activities, leaving their children marginalized within communities, often without adequate care. This absence of parental responsibility oversight by the government leaves these children vulnerable. However, for these children to experience positive change, it is crucial to provide support and facilitate communication with their […]

Student kidnapping frightens Nigeria again

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As of early March 2024, Nigeria is living in a spiralling security crisis: over 380 children have been kidnapped by Islamist insurgents like Boko Haram in the country’s northeast and other criminal groups in the northwest. Thanks to the negotiations between the government and the gunmen, 137 students have been released, but many more are […]

Combating the rise of AI-generated child sexual abuse material

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The world is undergoing a boom in accessible artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. New tools and capabilities present novel opportunities for criminal and malicious actors to exploit children. As lawmakers, policymakers and law enforcement work to keep up with criminal innovations, children are growing increasingly susceptible to AI-generated child sexual abuse material (CSAM). New technologies are […]

The exploitative practices of Guatemala’s adoption industry

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Since 1996, Guatemala has been facilitating international adoptions, which has led to unethical practices by baby brokers deceiving Indigenous mothers into giving up their children. Fortunately, in 2008, responding to public outcry, the country banned these unhealthy international adoption practices. Yet, many Guatemalan adoptees, now adults raised abroad, face distressing realizations. The reality of adoption […]

Young citizens, young voters: Belgium lowers the voting age to 16 for the European elections

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The 2024 European Parliament election will have a new age group voting in Belgium. For the first time, 16 and 17-year-olds will vote for their representatives in the European Parliament, following the model of Austria, Greece, and Malta. After several interpretations, the Belgian Constitutional Court ruled that young Belgians would be subjected to compulsory voting […]

The intrusion of media sexualization in childhood

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Children today are inundated with explicit content across media platforms, fueled by marketing strategies that exploit their innocence for profit. Recent studies reveal a sharp increase in the exposure of children to sexualized content, from music and television to social media and advertisements. This harmful practice, particularly targeting adolescents, poses serious risks to children’s mental […]

Adverse effects of global economic instability on children

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In today’s world, economic instability – characterized by swings in employment, income, and resource availability – has become a common occurrence. Even though adults are most affected by financial crises and economic downturns, the effects of this instability go well beyond their financial concerns. Particularly, children are frequently the silent victims of economic instability, suffering […]