World Humanitarian Day – 19th August

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On the 19th August every year, the international community commemorates all humanitarians who have lost their lives or became injured contributing to humanitarian causes and those who continue to serve. (UNICEF, 2013) This article will explain the history behind this special day, this year’s theme, the devastating impact that conflict has on children’s rights and […]

Abuse and Violence in Senegal’s Religious Schools

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Children’s conditions in Senegal In Senegal, although the children are worshipped, their rights are not highly prioritised. And with more than 50% of the population under the poverty line, the children of Senegal are often used as a workforce. They suffer from many diseases, including polio, malaria, diarrhoea, and iodine deficiency. In regards to education, […]

Should We Get Involved? The Health System in Mozambique

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Public health throughout the country Mozambique, highly affected by poverty, with 54% of the population living in absolute poverty, has inadequate facilities in their public health system. (WHO, n.d.) Their public health is rather basic, limited, and insufficient. In a country which is highly affected by diseases such as malaria, cholera, and diarrhea, it is […]

2018 Annual Report

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On November 20, 1989, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Unanimously! This was the first time in our history that states unanimously adopted a text on human rights. We all agree, we have a common goal: to achieve full rights for all children. On November […]