Humanium attends the 79th session of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

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“The desire for our children’s well-being has always been the most universally cherished aspiration of mankind. There is no task more important than building a world in which all of our children can grow up to realize their full potential, in health, peace and dignity.” Kofi Annan   This quotation from Kofi Annan marked the […]

Morocco’s unaccompanied minors – today and tomorrow

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For several years now, the situation of unaccompanied minors has been revealing a new aspect to migration. The situation of minors is all the more worrying because their legal status is not clearly covered by domestic legislation. This is because the concept of unaccompanied minors is relatively recent. This results in unaccompanied minors being abandoned […]

Food: Undernourishment and malnutrition

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As everyone knows, human beings must eat. Children’s health and physical development depend heavily on their food, and the consequences of malnutrition in children can have irreversible effects on their health. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), more than 800 million people suffer from undernourishment [1]. Hunger is even […]

A Practice of Separating Families

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By adopting a “zero” tolerance policy for undocumented migrants arrested at the United States border, Donald Trump’s administration is separating thousands of children from their parents. Across the US and the entire world, people among the civil society, politicians, judges but also the international community, have voiced their opposition to the Trump administration’s inhumane immigration […]

2017 Annual Report

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A year overflowing with new opportunities! In 2017, we have focused our efforts in India and Rwanda. In India, we are bringing an end to child labour in Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh with our first specialised rehabilitation centre. In Rwanda, a country where the young children of the 1994/95 Genocide are becoming parents, we […]