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The global climate emergency impacts children disproportionately. The present, and the future, of children everywhere, are seriously threatened by environmental damage, and the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children are the most affected.


Poverty is prevalent in all societies and often affects children first. It is the main source of violation of the child’s rights: it causes a child to die every 3 seconds.


Whether for sexual, commercial, or medical purposes, millions of children are being exploited worldwide. Often victims of cruel punishment, these children live in terror.


Forced into the army, abused or born into a war torn country, these children are vulnerable and become easy prey for adults.


The Convention on the Rights of the Child prohibits all forms of discrimination based on sex, origin, health… However, these distinctions persist in many states.

Cultural practices

Often founded on traditions, cultural practices aim to link the child with his or her culture, family, and society. However, when their rights have been violated, these practices can have dramatic consequences.


The right to health is one of the most important.  Negligence and lack of access to care or to a balanced diet, endanger the lives of many children.

Isolation and rootlessness

Orphaned, kidnapped, or displaced children in times of war or disaster are isolated from their families and their country. Lacking protection , they become more exposed to violations.

Justice of children

Almost all countries agree on the need to adapt proper forms of justice to respect the needs of children. In reality, many children are victims of faulty judicial systems.