Femicide from a Global Perspective

What is femicide and how does it impact girls? Femicide is a pervasive violation against the human rights of women and girls (Cullen et al, 2019). Femicide, a form of gender violence, can be broadly defined as any act of murder carried out against women and girls, whether it is intentional or not, that is […]

The Kogi’s lesson for the World

Thank you for reading, Younger Brother. Younger Brother, no matter how old you are, that is who you are to me. You might ask me why. Look around you. Do you see the destruction? Do you see the dwindling forests, the decimated species of animals and plants, the abundant natural disasters, the plastic washing up […]

The Taboo of Humanitarian Inequalities: what can be learnt from the 2010s

Taking an introspective look at humanitarian action’s pitfalls throughout the 2010s is key for the constant betterment and no-repeat of past mistakes that must, without question, unfold within the sector in the new decade. Our turning into the new year provides an invaluable opportunity to also turn the page, and to honestly attest to humanitarianism’s […]

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Our action in the field

In Rwanda, we help local leaders to develop an intuitive emotional understanding of children’s rights

What we do

Independent observatory

We constantly monitor the situation of children and report violation cases in the world, with the ultimate aim of ensuring total transparency.

Online child rights education

We promote the emergence and development of an online community by using digital communication technologies and tools to educate adults and children in a simple and understandable way.

Legal advice

We provide legal advice on children’s rights, working with a global network of lawyers.

Strengthening the actors of change

We implement the rights of the child at a local level using a unique interdisciplinary combination of legal tools and psychosocial techniques.

Child welfare

We work with local NGOs to support and implement projects for the protection of children, their development, survival and education.

Our impact

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Children’s rights in the world

We monitor the evolution of children’s rights and make them accessible and understandable to as many people as possible.

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The situation in individual countries


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