Children’s aid project in Bulgaria

Aid project to train professionals working with disabled children
Project : Support for professionals working with disabled children

This project allows professionals to receive targeted training in order to care for disabled children

Location : Kazanlak and Kyustendil, Bulgaria
Partner : Cedar Foundation
Beneficiaries : 72 disabled children and 79 professionals
Amount allocated : 3’000 EUR
Year : 2014

Project’s status: Completed
Project description

In Bulgaria in 2010, many disabled children lived in isolated institutions. This exclusion from society traumatized them. The mission of the Cedar Foundation, a Bulgarian NGO, is to create small “family-type” homes for them. The goal is to offer them a welcoming environment, while working on their personal development.

However, these children must be cared for by professionals who are to receive modern and reinforced training, mainly relating to comprehension of non-verbal language and sensory therapy. This training quickly increases costs.

This is where Humanium comes in. In effect, we are supporting the Cedar Foundation in order to help train 79 professionals. Through this action, Humanium is making a significant and lasting investment in child development