Ethical and responsible sponsorship

Humanium seeks to do what’s best. Our priority is the protection of the child and his or her well-being. As a result, our approach to child sponsorship is an ethical one.

Humanium offers donors the opportunity to sponsor a child in an ethically sound manner, and therefore, to make a responsible choice!

> What is an ethically sound child sponsorship?

Assurance of the well-being of the sponsored child

To help a child is to intervene in his or her life. Yet, the manner in which we help a child can have either positive or negative consequences. Nominative individual sponsorship is known to cause many negative consequences for the child. It is therefore essential to choose a collective sponsorship, which, if properly managed, will guarantee a positive outcome.

Maintaining balance in the child’s living environment

Humanium’s aid is for all of the children, their families and their villages. This approach enables the balance in the child’s living environment to be maintained, to respect the child’s will and that of his or her family. Children are treated fairly and there is no imbalance to cause any discrimination, jealousy or tensions…

Humanium’s approach is respectful of the culture and social equilibrium in which the child grows.

Helping towards self-sufficiency and sustainable development

To enable the poorest to become self-sufficient and to enable parents to care for their children, there lye the real issues. An individual sponsorship creates a relationship of dependence that does not lead to real development.

Humanium engages with and for the poor, so that they can become the actors, movers and deciders of their own lives.

> What does choosing responsible sponsorship mean for me?

Effective use of donations

When funds are pooled together, Humanium can help more children than there are sponsors for. Donations directly fund projects to help children and are not wasted on unnecessary administrative costs.

To choose to sponsor a child with Humanium, is to choose to directly donate your money towards the well-being of the child.

Helping globally

Humanium embodies all of the rights of the child, by not only helping the child in all aspects of his or her life but also his or her community when the child is not an isolated orphan.

In one village for example, Humanium is helping the entire village where the child lives for a sustainable improvement of the child’s living conditions and of his or hers family and community. Help is fair, sustainable and effective.

General information

The “privileged” relationship with a sponsored child has many negative consequences. Imagine a group of children in which only one child receives letters, gifts … or money. Humanium refuses to make the sponsored child an advertising tool. To ensure the full protection of the child, general information on the overall project are sent to you. In addition, the blog of the organization is regularly updated with projects news and testimonials.

Humanium seeks to best respond to the needs of the child, by adopting an attitude that is respectful and conducive to sustainable development.

Fighting poverty and sustainably improving the living conditions of the poorest children, means helping them become self-sufficient, and that is what allows Humanium to carry out ethical and responsible child sponsorships.

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