Citizenship program activities

This program aims to give a voice to the poor, to provide them access to information and allow them to make decisions about their lives.  Participatory democracy is a fundamental aspect of Humanium projects, because the organization acts with, and at the request of the underpriviledged.


  • Promote participatory democracy.
  • Reduce the digital divide and guarantee access to information and communication tools.


All stages of the projects consistently integrate participatory democracy. Humanium acts with and at the request of each community. Because each project aims at the effectivity, development, independance and the responsability of villagers in the long term, the involvement of all local actors is fundamental. The projects, which are foremost the villagers’ projects, promote self-help and create social link between the villagers.


Good governance committee

Good governance committees are set up in  each village. Their members are trained and learn how they can contribute to local politics. Thanks to these committees, the villagers participate in the decisions of their communities and become true actors of their village development.

Citizen center

A citizen center is a community center that provides the villagers  access to computer equipment and communication media.

These centers also provide information to villagers on their rights, and help them with their administrative procedures.  Finally, these centers serve as libraries and meeting places for the community.

Computer training for adults

To reduce the digital divide and improve the villagers overall skills, computer courses are provided to villagers. The villagers learn to use a computer, surf the net, etc.

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