Donate from another country in the European Union

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Depending on your country of residence, you can receive tax deduction.

The « Persche » decree C-318/07 of January 27th of 2009 Europeen Communities Justice court says :

1) “When a taxpayer seeks in a Member state the fiscal deductibility of donations made for established and recognized bodies of general interest in another Member state, such donations raise capacities of the EC Treaty relative to the free circulation of the capital, even if they are made in kind in the form of common consumer goods.”

2) “The article 56 IT opposes to a legislation of a Member state by virtue of which, as regards the donations made for recognized bodies of general interest, the profit of the tax deduction is granted only with regard to the donations made in bodies established on the national territory, without possibility anybody for the taxpayer to demonstrate that a gift(donation) paid(poured) in a body established in another Member state satisfied the conditions imposed by the aforementioned legislation for the granting of such a profit. “