Aid project for children in Guatemala

Aid project for children in Guatemala

Project: Improving access to healthcare for teenage mothers, who have been victims of trafficking and sexual violence, and for their babies in Guatemala.

Young girls who have been victims of sexual violence and trafficking are cared for to help them restore a normal way of life.

Location : Guatemala city – Guatemala
Partner : La Alianza
Beneficiaries : 35 girls and 14 babies
Amounts allocated : 2’300 EUR
Year : 2013 – 2014

Project’s Status: Completed

Project description

Health, both physical and mental, plays an essential role in the project to support girls who have been victims of sexual violence and trafficking in Guatemala. This project aimed primarily at helping victims restore their personal circumstances, through personal, family and social development.

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In Guatemala, violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking are still commonplace. This scourge, which affects young girls in particular, can have adverse consequences for the victims.

This project, initially aimed at 35 young women between the ages of 12 and 18, has trebled in size during the course of the last six months, reaching not only the mothers, but also the adolescents at risk. This goes above and beyond what was planned.

The last report indicated that all young women in the programme were now benefiting from access to a general health service, which addresses their specific needs, all thanks to the medical staff, psychiatrists and nurses working continuously with these women.

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