Project: Improving the living conditions of children and villagers of Eappakkam

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Project: Improving the living conditions of children and villagers of Eappakkam

This community development project aims to keep children in school and bring villagers out of poverty.

Location: Eappakkam, Tamil Nadu, India
Partners: Hand in Hand Tamil Nadu and SEED Trust
Beneficiaries: 1,150 people
Funds allocated: 48,220 CHF (Swiss francs)
Years: 2012-2014

Description of the project

Until recently, the children and their families in Eappakkam struggled daily simply to meet their most basic needs and many families lacked the means to send their children to school.  To improve this state of affairs, the project has directed its efforts to solve problems linked to poverty in Eappakkam by improving people’s livelihoods.

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The project is on the right path. A campaign was commenced in the village to raise awareness about the importance of education, and women in the village have been provided with training, which has since enabled them to earn money.  As a result of these measures, children in the village are gradually returning to school.  The health and fitness of children has consequently improved, as the village school is now able to provide the children with sporting activities and equipment.

Environmental quality in the village has also greatly improved as a result of the project and the community has organised itself to clear the village of garbage.  In future, the village will be free of plastic, which will benefit the children, who are already less vulnerable to illness.

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These  cleanups also protect soil quality, which is vital for the preservation of agriculture, the principal source of revenue for the community. Thus, by protecting the environment, the villagers will be able to maintain their salaries, and therefore keep children in school!