Higher education aid project

Higher education aid project in India

Higher education aid project

A project providing financial support to young people from poor families seeking to pursue higher education.

Location : Villages in the state of Tamil Nadu, India
Partner : Hand in Hand India
Beneficiaries : 14 adolescents
Amount allocated : 3’077 CHF
Year : 2012-2013

Project description

This project provides concrete financial support for 14 adolescents approaching the conclusion of their studies. Educational materials, school fees and in some cases accommodation are among the costs to be met. Higher education is a major investment in India, and one that poor families cannot take for granted.

Vijaya Vijayan

Humanium therefore gives these young people a chance to escape poverty. Degree in hand, they will have access to well-paid jobs and be able to help their families meet their needs.

These young people each have a unique story. Vijayan, for example, comes from a gypsy family whose frequent changes of location made regular attendance at school difficult. Despite this, he has caught up on all his studies and now needs support in order to pursue a degree in commerce.

SugunaSuguna had to work as a weaver throughout her childhood instead of going to school. Having attended a bridging programme, she is now studying IT and needs help to be able to conclude her studies.

Finally, Dinesh worked in a mechanic’s shop for three years after primary school. On returning to school, he completely caught up on his studies but still needs financial assistance to complete his third year of university study in science.