Improving the living conditions of children and villagers in Keelpasar

Children’s aid projects in India

The project : Improving the living conditions of children and villagers in Keelpasar

This community development project aims to put every child back on the path to school, while also improving hygiene conditions.

Location : Keelpasar, Tamil Nadu, India
Partner : Hand in Hand Tamil Nadu et SEED Trust
Beneficiaries : 1’580 people
Allocated funds : 48’220 CHF
Year(s) : 2012-2014

Project description

For the children of Keelpasar and their families, access to education and health care is a daily challenge. Moreover, children are the first to fall ill and sickness spreads easily because of poor sanitary practice.

P1050683Humanium and its partners are making a massive effort to improve the villagers’ hygiene conditions. Thanks to this project, 24 households will benefit from reliable access to clean water. In addition, 38 households will be able to build private toilet facilities and live in vastly improved hygiene conditions.

Another aspect of this project is providing mothers with basic hygiene training. The first to benefit from this intervention are their children. The women also receive job training so that they can provide for their families. This means young people can give up work and go back to school.

In the future, every child will be able to keep studying, relieved of the daily struggle to provide for themselves, because this project ensures families receive a stable income.

In order for these children to remain in school, it is essential that the environment is maintained sustainably, because the people earn most of their income from agriculture. Villagers are trained in the use of renewable energy and in making compost. They are also encouraged to clear waste regularly from the village.

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