Peace program activities

Humanium implements a peace and non-violence program in its global approach of development aid. Indeed, peace is a fundamental condition to a sustainable social and economic development.


  • To secure long lasting peace and prevent violence and conflicts.


Humanium promotes dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding, through social cohesion and collective creation activities. This program is developed through all the different programs and its activities are part of the other programs activities.


Dialogue and community meetings

Monthly community meetings allow villagers to participate in the decision making process concerning their own village development.

These meetings are also an opportunity for  dialogue between the different socio-economical groups, and the possibility for the most marginalized people (tribal populations, untouchables, ect.) to express themselves and communicate with the whole of the community.

Awareness and prevention

In every villages, Committees for village development are set up. These committes are composed of representatives coming from the village, the local political authority and self-help groups. Their objective is to mobilize all the villagers into the realization of collective activities in order to create a social link and a real cohesion inside the community.

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