Project to help children in Bangladesh

Project to help children in Bangladesh

Project: Access to healthcare for school children – screening, treatment and prevention of illnesses

This project aims to make the right to access healthcare a reality for children from poor and remote villages in South-East Bangladesh.

 Ramu, situated in the Cox’s Bazar district, in the region of Chittagong in South-East Bangladesh.
Partner: HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh
Beneficiaries: 100 children aged between 5 and 10
Allocated amount: 4,860 Swiss francs (CHF)
Year: 2014-2015

Project’s status: Completed

Project Description

This project supported by Humanium aims to improve children’s health and hygiene, and to educate villagers about health. In partnership with the NGO Hope Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh, this project is vital in a region where access to healthcare remains very unequal. The majority of childhood illnesses can be treated if detected early, but unfortunately there are many ill children who cannot be treated due to a lack of funds.

This project, implemented in two villages with public schools, enables a total of 100 children (50 per school) aged between 5 and 10 to benefit from screening. Children whose health is at particular risk can also get a full health check. They have a general medical examination and their blood pressure, iron levels and nutrition are checked. For illness screening, children are seen in hospital or in clinics managed by our partner. The children’s families are also heavily involved in the project, and are issued with a healthcare card enabling them to benefit from general screening and treatment by our partner’s doctors and nurses. In this way, families are encouraged to have regular medical check-ups and monitor their child’s health.

It is crucial that we improve children’s health and promote the use of preventative care among the local population, as a healthy child is a child who can flourish both mentally and physically.