Rwanda Waterproject

Rwanda Water Project

Our project aims to give access to clean water for the population of Muko, Muhura Remera and Rugarama administrative sectors in Gatsibo and Gicumbi districts.

Location: Gatsibo and Gicumbi districts
Partner: AVSI
Beneficiaries: 3,771 households or 15,811 people
Year: One year period

Context and Issues

Over 85% of the population in the districts of Gatsibo and Gicumbi works in the agricultural sector, the vast majority in subsistence agriculture. The intervention area is known for low rainfall, which limits the availability of water.

The population is currently served by two aqueducts built in 2003. Only a small part of the water pipes are operational, reducing water coverage, particularly in rural areas. Both aqueducts have seen their performance and efficiency reduced over the years due to a lack of maintenance, threatening water availability for users. Indeed, there was no viable management system established. The supply was down for nearly 10 years in this region, and Gatsibo is considered the first district in shortage of clean water in the eastern province.

As for the population, they have only access to swamp water and un-serviced sources for which they have to pay, and over a very long distance (more than 2 hour walk/round trip) to reach this non-potable water. As regards to livestock in the area, there are over 8,000 cows and over 1,000 pigs reared in the zone which also suffer from this shortage. Water scarcity has also an impact on nutrition and food security of poor households, in particular the difficulty to water the vegetable gardens and fields during the dry season, and dietary supplements vegetables are almost zero.

Women are those who go to fetch water. It may take more than 2 hours twice per day (round trip). For this, the water-related diseases remain a public health concern in the region. And when, because of poor access to clean water, diseases develop in families; it is once again women who have to fend for taking care of patients. When increasing workloads; girls are removed from school more often than boys, to help their mothers.

Our Solution and its Sustainability

  • The rehabilitation of two water supply systems in Gatsibo and Gicumbi (activities: Springs area and collection facilities rehabilitation, Filtering facilities reconstruction, Fountains rehabilitation and reconstruction, Reservoir tanks restoration, Distribution pipes restoration)
  • The awareness raising for the efficient use of water; hygiene and sanitation; and environment protection in the surrounding schools (activities: Awareness-raising activities in schools)
  • Facilitation for the establishment of a viable water supply management system (activities: Cooperative affiliation and maintenance team creation support in establishing a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for water supply management).


AVSI Foundation is an international not-for-profit organization working in 30 countries throughout the world, whose mission is to promote the dignity of the person through development cooperation activities. AVSI’s main activity areas are healthcare, water, education and social development, as well as labour, agriculture, food security, energy and environment. AVSI is intervening in Rwanda since 1994, its objective is to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children and their families. Humanium and AVSI partner since February 2015.

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