Appeal from Olivier Soret, President of Humanium

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If every person who reads this appeal were to give 1 euro today, Humanium could continue its efforts to enforce Children’s Rights in 2012.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Defenders of Children’s rights,

Humanium is a neutral and independent association. We are a network of volunteers who are involved in helping children. Our actions require very little money, but unfortunately, we cannot do our valuable work without funding.

In 2011, Humanium helped 3,496 people in India, we increased awareness and informed 137,891 people across the world, gave free legal advice in 77 cases for the defence of children’s rights and we shared our battle with 180,327 people on our three Facebook pages.

If each of you were to give just 1 euro, Humanium could continue or even increase its actions in 2012.

I would be grateful for your donations as soon as possible, to enable Humanium and its volunteers to continue making children’s rights a reality.

Thank you for your generosity
Olivier Soret, President of Humanium

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