Health program activities

This program is composed of various activities : healthcare, nutrition, hygiene and safe water. 20% of the children who die before their fifth birthday in the world are Indian, which makes health a priority in India. Undernourishment is responsible for 50% of infant mortality, in a country where one person out of five is malnourished.


  • To improve the health and hygiene of villagers.
  • Reduce undernourishment and infant mortality.


Everybody should have access to healthcare, more importantly poor and marginalized people, who are often excluded from the health system. Medical camps and awareness campaigns on hygiene and nutrition principles are organized in villages where we work. Each patient receives individual check-up, and particular attention is given to malnourished children.


Awareness campaigns

These campaigns are centred on aspects of rural living and emphasize on women and children health. They are essential, as most of the villagers have never seen a doctor. They deal with the following aspects :

  • Drinking water
  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Public Health

Medical camps

General and specialized medical camps (eyes care, dental care, blood count, etc.) are held in the villages and enable access to healthcare to everybody who needs it. Usually, these populations do not have access to healthcare as medical centers are located far from their homes.

Nutrition programme

Each child’s nutritionnal status is defined. Malnourished children are identified and immediatly taken into care. They receive dietary supplements until they reach a normal weight and recover. Humanium also informs the mothers about the necessity of offering a rich and balanced diet to their children in order to reduce infant mortality.

Hygiene and toilet construction

Most of the villagers do not have toilet facilities in their homes, which leads to hygiene problems and water and soil contamination. Individual toilets are built in each household and information on basic hygiene principles is given to the villagers.

Access to clean water and water management platforms

Usually, in the villages, water points are not equipped with appropriate flow systems to allow water to seep into the ground. This water becomes stagnant, causing illness and leading to numerous diseases. Simple platforms are constructed by Humanium to allow the water to seep into the ground.

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