The problematic trend of US parents administering melatonin to their children

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In the past two decades, the over-the-counter use of melatonin supplements has seen an unprecedented surge in the United States. Despite its widespread popularity and easy accessibility, concerns persist over parents’ increasing reliance on it as a quick fix for insomnia, with limited evidence supporting its efficacy. The unregulated availability of melatonin, without the need […]

A global perspective on children’s rights in 2023

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Nowadays, millions of children face persistent obstacles in exercising their fundamental rights to healthcare, education, and protection. Floods, earthquakes, and wars, compounded by governmental inaction in implementing crucial policies, have notably exacerbated the already dire circumstances faced by children, intensifying their vulnerability. The devastating events throughout 2023 have led to increased fatalities, widespread displacement of […]

Implications of brief maternity leave for American children and mothers

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More than a century ago, American women advocated for paid maternity leave, yet the American government fell short. Today, the absence of comprehensive maternity leave policies in the U.S. continues to impact the well-being of both mothers and children. Despite recent amendments, the issue of maternal leave remains a work in progress. Many working mothers […]

Infant Oral Mutilation (IOM) – a persistent harmful practice across Eastern and Central Africa

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Infant oral mutilation also known as milk teeth extraction is a harmful practice, which has been inflicted upon children for centuries in Eastern and Central Africa and that is still being carried out today. Like many other harmful practices facing children, it poses serious health risks and in certain cases even leads to death. Since […]

Nightmarish children’s situations in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp

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The Za’atari refugee camp is the largest refugee center in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world (DW, 2022). According to United Nations statistics, more than half of the 81,000 refugees living in the Za’atari camp are minors (Aljazeera, 2016). Children within the camp are subjected to violations of their fundamental rights and […]

Hidden struggles: the surprising mental health crisis among Japan’s youth

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The youth in Japan has been experiencing mental health struggles due to academic pressure, social norms, bullying, and a lack of independence. Moreover, Japan also faces a concerning trend with increasing suicide rates among those under 20. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding mental health in Japan and a cultural reluctance to seek help only exacerbate the […]

USA’s sugar epidemic: examining its impact on children’s health

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Over the past few decades, the United States has been grappling with a sugar epidemic, contributing to various health issues, especially among children. Due to their developing bodies and susceptibility to sugar overload, children, in particular, are at a higher risk of developing chronic health conditions. However, by promoting healthy eating habits and reducing the […]

The dire condition of children in Pakistan affected by historic floods

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Pakistan‘s history of devastating floods has had a severe impact on children, increasing their vulnerability to abuse and negatively affecting their mental health. While child protection laws exist, their implementation needs improvement to address the plight of displaced children and rehabilitate them. In order to implement these efforts, it is crucial to provide psychosocial support […]

Clothing and chemical products: a threat to children’s health

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Like many industries that manufacture products for our everyday use, the mass use of chemical products in industrial processes in the textile industry has attracted the attention of international regulatory bodies. It represents a danger to the health as well as to the environment of many populations in the world, affecting in particular children.   The […]

Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into children’s lives

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In a world bustling with activity, children, and adults alike, often get caught up in emotional chaos. On that account, the newer generations are realizing the importance of reducing anxiety to lead a more purposeful life. Incorporating mindfulness into homes and classrooms can be a great method to help children cope with stress. The popularity […]