Do you know the people volunteering for Humanium ?

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Ever since its founding, Humanium has been supported by numerous volunteers.  Their aid and commitment has permitted us to promote and become more deeply involved in the projects that we finance.

At this time, on behalf of the entire organization, Valentine Fau would like to thank each and every one of them.

If you are actively interested in the life of our organization, you may have heard about some of some of the individuals who belong to it:  president, founders, permanent members, interns. . .

However, they are only one part of the Humanium team. . .  Hundreds of other persons contribute every day to the work Humanium does.


As an intern, I have had the honor of working with its network of volunteers whose determination and loyalty is second to none.

During my internship, these individuals have never failed to impress me.  In effect, I have made the “virtual acquaintance” of persons whose commitment and enthusiasm is nothing short of incredible.

These are men and women of every age and nationality, whose determination, professionalism and humanity shines through in the work that they do.  They expect nothing in return and bring to Humanium all sorts of indispensable knowledge and skills.

Without them, nothing would be possible.  They are responsible for such things as translations, proofreading, editing, and developing press releases.  Hence, they play a vital role in our organization.

It is thanks to them, in fact, that Humanium has been able to grow in size and strength, and to develop and promote its many projects.

We are proud of them.  We admire them immensely and are extremely grateful to them for all the work that they do.

We thank them with all our hearts and say bravo.