In Senegal, a new school opens its doors to welcome a hundred pupils

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This project materializes the right to education for all, by giving access to a new school, with two qualified teachers, to the children of M’Bam.

Without school, there is no education! And education is essential to improve the lives of children. In M’bam, a small village in Senegal, 30% of 3 to 6 year olds do not go to school as their parents do not have the financial means to send them.

The construction site

Construction école mars-juin 2015 (36)In 2013 Humanium established a partnership with the World Wide Watch organization which is actively committed to the education of Senegalese children – in particular in the village of M’bam where a large number of children were out of school due to a lack of suitable facilities to welcome them.

Up until now, the children of M’bam only had the use of a small cramped building, badly lit and ill-equipped. It served as a classroom for a hundred of them.

However, thanks to donations from various Geneva municipalities, to local workers and to Humanium and its partner World Wide Watch, a large and well-equipped school has been constructed in the village of M’bam and the children can now enjoy better learning conditions!

A clean and well-equipped school!

M’Bam’s new village school comprises two bright and spacious classrooms as well as two small apartments that can accommodate two new teachers!

Showers and lavatories have also been built so that children can stay on the school premises for their hygiene and personal care, thus avoiding several hours of walking for them.
Finally, educational materials will be made available in the school. This will make it possible to carry out free education and therefore have children from all backgrounds in school.

Thanks to M’bam’s new school, children can now see new doors opening and even more opportunities.

Written by: Claire Endberg-Bouteille
Translated by: Esther Williams
Proofread by : Catherine Nicol