Humanium: the Virtual World and Beyond!

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If a vacancy arises, don’t hesitate! Even though Humanium’s interns work from home, thanks to the magic of the internet you will board a train racing at top speed. If your aim is to promote and protect the rights of children, then you have made the right choice. Destination: the world (and more than just the virtual one).

Photo_Jobin LaurineHumanium currently has five interns and over a hundred volunteers. Every single one is proactive and dedicated to helping the organisation develop by providing precious help. While volunteers translate the texts that are published on the web site (in four languages), interns (also volunteers) are responsible for the smooth running of the organisation. The interns coordinate the work and the different projects that are taking place in their region of specialism: Asia and the Pacific, North Africa and the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Americas (North and South) or Europe and the Caucuses.

Our mission is an important one: promoting, defending and ensuring that children’s rights around the world are respected, when each region presents its own new challenges. In order to do this, the support offered to different partners on the ground (project management) must be combined with internet appeals. What is more, interns have to respond directly to aid requests that the organisation receives via its helpline, which provides direct support for people who are confronted with violations of children’s rights.

From home, interns maintain daily direct contact with their four colleagues via the internet (online chat and video conferences). They also work in direct collaboration through document sharing. This working method offers interns great flexibility in terms of time management and therefore a more stress-free environment. No mad dash to catch the train every morning! All that is needed is a coffee and a computer, and you have all the tools at your disposal to do your job well.

Humanium has decided to leave behind its physical offices and step into the virtual world in order to reduce costs. The objective is to better use the generous donations received, essentially to promote children’s rights and the projects associated with them.

In essence, Humanium is a commitment that is rewarded with a rich an unforgettable experience, a united team that strives to ensure that children’s rights are protected and promoted, and warm exchanges with volunteers and donors. Based in the virtual world, but very real!

Written by: Laurine Jobin
Translated by: Josephina Worrall