Testimony – Marie Rivollet

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Marie Rivollet holds a Masters degree in Geopolitics and International Relations. She worked a 6-month Children’s Rights internship at Humanium.

“Once upon a time, there lived a young woman who was passionate about human rights  – let’s call her Marie. In another life, Marie would have become a fearless knight, or robbed Prince John as a wandering outlaw in green tights. But times have changed. Dragons and treacherous princes no longer roam these lands. Widows and orphans are not the only ones who need our help. Today, we can also fight injustice from a computer with the click of a mouse.

After her first uplifting experience at the UN, Marie remained convinced that her path was pointing her towards an NGO. She thus sought out work at a modest young organization. Olivier, its president and founder, agreed to give her a chance, and Marie was overjoyed to join Humanium’s youthful and energetic team.

Her first task was to write thematic spotlights and reports on the state of children’s rights throughout the world. She also discovered the joys and challenges of coordinating a network of volunteers. As time went on, Marie had the opportunity to try her hand at web marketing, developing social networks, researching grants, and running an online boutique, among many other things.

Her job was not always easy. Marie had to learn to resist her colleagues’ clownish antics, the coffee and cookie breaks, and the ever-present desire to cuddle with Shaya, the association’s mascot. But she stood firm, and in the end, she lacked for neither work nor new experiences during her six-month stay.

When August arrived, it was a bittersweet Marie that took her leave of Humanium, confident in her career choice, and very grateful to everyone: to Oliver and Arndt, two people with big hearts and heads stuffed full of good ideas; to Olivia, Morgane, and Fanny B., who welcomed her so warmly; and finally (in order of appearance), to Fanny C., Marie, Apolline, Mélanie, and Alexia, who will undoubtedly guide the organization to new adventures.

As for Marie, what will she do next? Well, that’s another story, for another day…”