Humanium is 3 years old!

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The association celebrates  its first 3 years of service to children,women, and the poor.

Humanium was founded on November 20th , 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland; then in France and Germany in 2009.

In just three years, and with an all-volunteer team, Humanium has helped 3496 people in 3 villages in India.

The early project results are particularly encouraging. The villagers, together with our local partners, have done a tremendous job to ensure a life and a better future for children.

Moreover, since 2010, Humanium has been developing the Portal for the Rights of the Child, in French and in English.  This Web portal aims to promote, defend and materialise the rights of all children.  It came to life thanks to the work of more than 500 active volunteers around the world, who constitute a truly international network of action for the benefit of children.

Thank you to all those who support us and are committed to working with us.