Universal Children’s Day

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« Nothing is more important than building a world where all our children have the opportunity to realise their full potential, and grow in good health, peace and dignity.» Kofi A. Annan

Like every year, November 20th is a day dedicated to children worldwide.

It is a day to celebrate, since it was November 20th 1989 that the large majority of countries committed to protecting Children’s Rights by ratifying the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It is a day for all children with no exceptions, whether they are happy or sad, sick or healthy, poor  or rich…

A day to remind us all that children are our future and that it is essential to do everything possible to ensure their well-being.

A day chosen by Humanium to launch a new project…to tell you about its fight for the respect of the Rights of  the Child, for their well-being and for their dignity.