Internship Testimony – Sandrine Diringbin

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Sandrine did ​​a six-month internship within Humanium as manager of the Children’s Rights in French.

“I have just finished my six-month internship with the NGO Humanium.

SandrineI was in charge of developing the Rights of the Child portal in French, English and Spanish, as well as coordinating volunteers. For the most part, my participation in the project was carried out from home.  In my opinion, remote work has many advantages: it allowed me to organize my time and my tasks for Humanium with a large degree of autonomy and satisfaction.

I found working with the Humanium team a very enriching experience, as not only did it give me the opportunity to appreciate working in a team, but it enabled me to acquire new interpersonal skills as well as the knowledge required to use new I.T. tools under the supervision of my teammates, who I must say, made me feel very welcome.

I want to say a huge thankyou to the Humanium team for this fantastic experience and their readiness to support me throughout my internship. I would also  like to thank the Humanium Chairman Olivier Soret for his utmost attention to the needs of the team”.