Internship testimonial – Charlène Demela

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Charlène Demela who has a degree in Applied Foreign Languages, specializing in International Affairs and Trade and is committed to working with children, has completed a 3 month internship with Humanium.

“ In my third and final year of working towards my degree, I had the opportunity to do an internship with Humanium as an intern in humanitarian action and development projects.

I had always been drawn to humanitarian and development work, in particular work involving the rights of women and children. Becoming involved with Humanium was a great opportunity for me, I was able to participate in concrete projects, ones in which I could discover India, its culture and people.

My work essentially consisted of marketing, fundraising, and development projects, this permitted me to work on a multitude of small projects, but also on projects of utmost importance, all very different from the others and global projects of an NGO in expansion.

Notably many great friendships were made during my internship, I thank everyone that helped make this internship such a success. I thank again Oliver Soret, the founding president of Humanium for having trusted me to be a part of this small Humanium family.

I have to leave tomorrow and I have worked on this testimony for the past 4 days. Since it is one of the last things to do on my to-do list and I don’t want the internship to end, finishing this testimony will signify the completion of my wonderful internship!

The adventure ends Humanium on these lines…”