Sankarapuram: a village of stonecutters

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Historically, the Indian village of Sankarapuram, where Humanium has been working, is the home of stonecutters.

The villagers make traditional utensils used mainly for preparing food, and they also carve statuettes that they sell in tourist towns.

A quarry, where the stonecutters get their raw materials, is located on a hill behind the village.

Today, the stonecutters have a higher income, and children are no longer working as stonecutters; they all now regularly attend school.

Do you remember Sushila, an entrepreneur and a member of one of the self-help groups ?

With the training and the 5000-rupee microcredit she received, she supported the family business and created a store to sell her husband’s stone carvings.

Humanium’s support of the self-help groups has allowed villagers continue practicing this traditional activity, while also allowing families improve their quality of life and their children’s well-being.