Internship testimonial – Valentine Fau

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Valentine FAU, master student in Action and Humanitarian Law and  committed to the cause of children, has completed  a four month internship  at the association Humanium.

4 months have passed… STOP !! I do not want to leave !

4 monts have passed… Since I discovered this assocation full of magic, of generosity and devotion ; this association that, with brilliance and ingeniosity, leads a noble fight for the Rights of the Child.

4 months have passed… when every day with joy and pride I found this fantastic team, these amazing people that have now become my friends…that full of energy and enthusiasm, I went to work in this exceptional environment that is perfectionist yet friendly, joyful yet serious.

4 months have passed… At the heart of a huge, prodigious and ambitious project.  I will never thank Arndt and Olivier Soret enough for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a project and to add my modest contribution.  It is a formidable project that you will soon discover, and that will, I am certain, only strengthen your admiration and  enthousiasm for the association Humanium…A project that does not just scream the problems of children in the world, but that also aspires to make a difference :

Sit tight, a project coming on your screens soon ….

In all simplicity, 4 months at Humanium : An association to cherish, to support, and to follow very closely…