Medicine and healthcare for young girls who are victims of trafficking and sexual violence in Guatemala

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Good physical and emotional health is essential to a young mother so she can raise her child in peace. Humanium supports a project led by the Alianza organisation in Guatemala City. Thanks to this project, women and their babies have access to healthcare. 



In Guatemala, many young girls are still the victims of trafficking and sexual violence, despite the willingness of the government to eradicate this phenomenon. The trauma suffered by the victims takes a psychological and emotional toll that must be dealt with so they can rediscover their strength and joy in life.  Humanium has chosen to participate in this programme to support this goal.

Alianza welcomes young girls and their babies, and offers them the medical care they need. Workshops are organised to explain to them how to take care of their babies, how to feed them, how to follow good hygiene, etc. in order to safeguard their health over the long term.

Through this project, Humanium and its partner, Alianza, want to guide these women towards a sustainable re-integration into society. A young girl and her baby represent the future.  Good health for these young girls is essential so that they can rebuild their lives and ensure a better future.