The NGO day: Allow Yourself To Be Seen

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Today the world celebrates the non-governmental organisations. Why? Because YOU are important.

When I was only 7 years old I heard that 42,000 children die every day for reasons that are avoidable. I went on food strike until my parents threatened me to admit me to hospital and made me understand that even them were unable to change the situation. 40 years later, today, that number has shrunk to 1/4th of what it was, and still.. each child that dies for avoidable reasons is 1 child too much.

NGO’s allow us to stand up for what we believe in, the greater good in which, from my humble point of view, everyone believes in. Yes, each one of us must think of oneself first, our bodies ask to be properly treated. And then we try to open ourselves as much as possible and stand up for what we believe in courageously, creating a circle of humans who believe in the same greater good as us. Together our voices are easier heard, together we can make things happen.

NGO’s are either associations or foundations, depending on respective country’s law they fall under, created by some humans for a common greater good.


Humanium’s common greater good is to give children a voice around the world, so they are heard, believe in themselves, create communities and make our beautiful planet a place where EVERYONE, including animals and plants, lives happily and respected.


Happy NGO day to you, dear reader.


Author: Arndt Soret