Opening of a sewing training centre

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A new sewing training centre has opened in Annathur, in the South-East of India. Thanks to Humanium’s support, women learn skills which will allow them to find a job more easily in the local manufactures.

Tamil Nadu is an Indian state famous for its silk saris manufactures. Local firms seek qualified workforce for the manufacture of traditional silk saris, but also for the production of other textile materials.

In this context, a professional training in sewing is more than anything the token of a job, but also the guarantee of a stable position, with good working conditions and a decent salary.

The microfinance programme developed by Humanium enables these women to benefit from this training centre and to learn skills which are adapted to their needs.

Starting right now, you can support the Annathur women by making a donation to finance their training costs. This way, you will help them become independent and autonomous women.