The children thank you!

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Thanks to the support of many people, institutions and businesses, all of the children from the village of Annathur in India now attend school. The quality of teaching in the village has greatly improved. Solutions were developed to enable children who had fallen behind to catch up and regularly attend school. Financial difficulties faced by […]

Sashila, the Happy Dressmaker

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Sashila lives in the village of Annathur, India. With Humanium’s support, she has become a dressmaker, and is continuing to actively develop her trade. Sashila is also improving her quality of life. For example, she’s had toilets installed in her house, which means her children no longer have to be afraid of tripping over snakes […]

Building toilets to fight disease

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In the village of Annathur in South-East India, where Humanium is carrying out a program of generalized sustainable development aid, villagers gathered to set up private toilets.  The importance of using toilets was emphasized during the awareness campaign led by our local partner, Hand in Hand India. Most households in Annathur had no access to […]

Thanks to child sponsorship…

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Today, thanks to the support of our sponsors, Humanium has been able to develop several projects providing aid to three villages in south-eastern India.  Through its global approach combining different programmes in education, health, microfinance, human rights, the environment, democracy, and citizenship, Humanium has succeeded in making children’s rights a reality for those families, their […]

Veterinary Camps in Annathur, India

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Thanks to Humanium’s efforts, several veterinary camps have been set up in the village of Annathur, to benefit not only animals but the human population as well. Agriculture and farming make up more than 70% of work done in this village, and serve as the main sources of sustenance for the villagers. The villagers’ survival […]

Participatory Community Meetings

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In the village of Annathur, India, where Humanium has been supporting sustainable development initiatives since 2010, three participatory community meetings took place when Humanium began its work. Humanium uses a participatory approach. The project is developed with villagers and they are the main stakeholders. Once the villagers have decided what activities will take place in […]

Literacy Courses for Women

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More than 40 women have already benefited from adult literacy courses in the village of Annathur, in India. Women’s literacy is a serious issue in India, particularly in rural areas. 54% of women are illiterate, which means more than one in two women do not know how to read or write. Moreover, only two-thirds of […]

Graduated children in computer at Annathur

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Through its citizenship program, Humanium provides computer classes for Annathur children, village located in the Southeast of India. In order to improve children’s skills and enable them to use basic computer tools, Humanium and its local partners offer computer training which give the opportunity to children to obtain a first training certificate. Afterward, a Citizen […]