South Sudan, the newest country in the world: the UN and the Situation of Children

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South Sudan became independent following a long duration of peace starting with the signature of the Global Peace Agreement between the Sudanese government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement on January 9, 2005. This agreement brought more than 20 years of war to a close.

Soudan du Sud

The peace agreement foreshadowed the results of a referendum organized in January 2011 which received 98.83 percent of the votes in favor of South Sudan’s independence. On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became the newest country in the world.

The presence of the United Nations (UN)

Also known as UNMISS, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan supported the peace process established in Sudan since 2005. Its goals were to reinforce peace and security, to promote long-term economic development and to strengthen the governing abilities of the government of the Republic of South Sudan. Furthermore, civilians fleeing violence have been placed under the protection of the UNMISS (almost 3,000 people).

Children of South Sudan

The situation of the Children’s Rights in South Sudan is very difficult. According to the “Children’s Rights Index”, the South Sudan has not a high score with only 4,06 on 10 (10 being the best score).

Written by: Marie Bertrand
Translated by: Kelly Kendle
Proofread by : Faiz Kermani