Become a sponsor with Humanium and bring real help to children!

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There are millions of children in need all over the world. Humanium is giving you the opportunity to help them, by responding specifically to their needs and enabling them to build a better future. 

By becoming a sponsor via Humanium, you will be part of a global development project focussing on six main areas: education, health, citizenship, microfinance, children’s rights and the environment.

With your help, Humanium is committed to sustainably improving the life of an entire village and at the same time giving villagers the opportunity to get personally involved in the project.

Your sponsorship will give a new lease on life to all villagers. Children and their families can finally regain hope and build confidence in themselves again by being part of the projects.

By choosing an ethical and responsible sponsorship, you will be empowering the poorest people and allowing families to care for their children without changing the balance of their lives.

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