Participation of the child in research

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Participatory research that engages children as active, informed and informative agents has rapidly expanded over the past two decades. It includes children in the research and development of different social provisions such as education, health and the law, and can begin to address the absence of children’s voices in research (Groundwater-Smith et al, 2014). The […]

The Day of the African Child 2020: Child-Friendly Justice in Africa

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The Day of the African Child (henceforth referred to as DAC) is celebrated every year on June 16th by Member States of the African Union (AU). The main purpose is to raise awareness on children’s rights by addressing the numerous challenges facing children across the continent. Due to Covid-19, the priority was talking about children […]

Humanium Hosts Professional Training on Child Rights Approaches

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Humanium has delivered its first ever introductory e-training workshop to child rights professionals. The workshop aimed to make connections in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, and collaborate by skill-sharing for the improvement of individual, and organisational, humanitarian child rights activities. The Concept of Child Rights Training for Professionals Humanium was thrilled to provide introductory […]

The Taboo of Humanitarian Inequalities: what can be learnt from the 2010s

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Taking an introspective look at humanitarian action’s pitfalls throughout the 2010s is key for the constant betterment and no-repeat of past mistakes that must, without question, unfold within the sector in the new decade. Our turning into the new year provides an invaluable opportunity to also turn the page, and to honestly attest to humanitarianism’s […]

In India, our School Frees 80 Children From Forced Labour. Support Us!

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10 million children in India forced to work 10 million children aged five to fourteen are currently working in India. This situation affects their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Children in rural areas are more vulnerable than children of the same age in cities. The situation is even worse for the children of indigenous tribes […]

The under-education of girls in Cameroon

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“Education must once again become one of the cornerstone values of our world, it must once again flourish, it must be instilled as a force of happiness, fulfilment and hope.” Nelson Mandela, 1996 In Africa, and specifically in the northern region of Cameroon, under-enrollment and dropping out are significant problems that impede the achievement of […]