Sushila : A successful Entrepreneur

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Sushila is the leader of a self-help group in Sankarapuram village.

Humanium and its local operational partners are reducing extreme poverty and providing a stable revenue for each family in Sankarapuram since 2009.

Sushila has two children, Santosh and Kishore Kumar, both in their primary grades of education; they attend a school in Walajabad (near Sankarapuram). Her husband is in the stone-cutting business and to enhance the same, she took a loan of INR. 5,000.

With the loan, she set up a shop that sells stones cut by her husband. “I am able to save up to INR 3, 500 a month which I was not able to do so earlier,” she says. She also makes an effort to deposit INR 500 in the bank for emergency expenses. With the support and help her family gives her, she hopes to extend her business some day.

Sushila can now meet the needs of her children and build a sustainable future for her family.