Thanks to child sponsorship…

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Today, thanks to the support of our sponsors, Humanium has been able to develop several projects providing aid to three villages in south-eastern India.  Through its global approach combining different programmes in education, health, microfinance, human rights, the environment, democracy, and citizenship, Humanium has succeeded in making children’s rights a reality for those families, their […]

“Dignity, at last”

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Olivier Soret, President and Founder of Humanium, attests to the transformation of women in Sankarapuram: “The women of Sankarapuram have been transformed. I still remember our first encounters in 2008; they hung their heads, often just an empty stare drowned in sadness. It was hard for them, very hard. Imagine these mothers who are unable […]

Sankarapuram: a village of stonecutters

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Historically, the Indian village of Sankarapuram, where Humanium has been working, is the home of stonecutters. The villagers make traditional utensils used mainly for preparing food, and they also carve statuettes that they sell in tourist towns. A quarry, where the stonecutters get their raw materials, is located on a hill behind the village. Today, […]

Update on Ezhilarasan

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Ezhilarasan was a 10-year-old boy with a hole in his heart. His struggle to survive made him a symbol of courage and determination for everyone in his village. His grandmother and brother are still the only family he knows. They live together in a shanty, beyond the limits of the village. As members of the […]

Victory on malnutrition in Sankarapuram

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A great victory was won at Sankarapuram, India, where the Humanium Association implemented a nutritional program in 2009 : today, all the children are at a normal weight! When the nutritional program was debuted in the village, the majority of children had severe food deficiencies. Individualized monitoring was established, and each child was taken into […]

Ranjitha : An Icon of Women Empowerment

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“I am Ranjitha, age 34, wife of a stonecutter residing at Sankarapuram village (India). Since I am a poor, I felt that I do not have any new hope for my life. But [the sustainable development project for the village of Sankarapuram] answered my unanswered questions.” “I became a member of Saraswathi self-help group working […]

Jeeva : An Icon of Women Empowerment

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Jeeva, a 45 years old woman living in Sankarapuram, is a councellor of her village. Though she studied up to sixth class, she is empowered socially and economically through the intervention of the project development activities supported by Humanium in her village. Now, Jeeva is a member of Om Sakthi self-help group. She proudly says, […]

Sushila : A successful Entrepreneur

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Sushila is the leader of a self-help group in Sankarapuram village. Humanium and its local operational partners are reducing extreme poverty and providing a stable revenue for each family in Sankarapuram since 2009. Sushila has two children, Santosh and Kishore Kumar, both in their primary grades of education; they attend a school in Walajabad (near […]