Back to the essentials in yourself

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Today we are over the moon. Yes, Humanium celebrates its 11th birthday, yes and we celebrate together with today’s 30th birthday of the Child Rights Convention and yes, even louder than before we say: Back to the essentials.

Why? Here it is: Each one of us is only a human, a human that suffers, a human that enjoys pleasures. Each one of us humans has her/his (hereafter “her”) needs, her challenges, her wishes. Over the past years we have invited many, many children and adults to look at their own needs, challenges and wishes.

Today I am celebrating with my dear Rwandan friends, doing workshops together where we look into ourselves and anchor from there into our local communities, with like-minded humans. Becoming present and conscious, what is there in this very exact moment? What resources do I, do we have and incarnate in order to create an environment that reflects my deep inner needs, where I feel empowered to face my challenges and where is my space in order to incarnate my wishes?

Today, we celebrate all the beautiful communities that have been formed, peaceful, joyful, respectful towards their environment. Joy and love towards oneself and towards what surrounds us is needed in order to create long lasting peace. Today we say YES, let’s be a servant to our communities, let’s give us room in order to activate our inner calling for life!

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