Iceland’s investment in children’s future development and wellbeing

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There is a large body of literature outlining arguments on why it is rational to invest in children. Many of these arguments are intuitively appealing or based on moralistic arguments, referring to human rights in general and children’s rights in particular. Other arguments provide summaries of fragmentary evidence on the impact of investments made in […]

Recommendation on Roma Youth Participation: a step forward for Roma children and youth

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On 5 April 2023, the Committee of Ministers adopted a new Recommendation to the 46 Member States of the Council of Europe to ensure substantive participation, representation and inclusion of Roma youth in all spheres of society and decision-making processes, and well as to combat structural racism. This is an important step forward for Roma […]

An ethnic elimination in China: the abhorrent fate of the Uyghur children

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Continuously outcasted due to their ethnicity and religion, the Uyghurs are now being heavily monitored, forcibly detained, mistreated, tortured and persecuted on the simple account that they belong to a Muslim minority in China. One of the most vulnerable victims of China’s enacted ethnic violence is the Uyghur children. Separated from their families and relatives, […]

Tackling the issues of violence against children by their step-parents

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Child abuse is a pervasive global issue, with estimated millions of children experiencing abuse in their homes, schools, or communities. Research suggests that children living in stepfamilies are particularly vulnerable to violence due to the challenges of forming strong emotional bonds with non-biological family members. To prevent the severe physical and mental health consequences of […]

The Rohingya’s torment: thousands of children endangered in Myanmar and Bangladesh

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The Rohingyas are among the world’s most persecuted minorities. The long-standing discrimination and escalating brutality in Myanmar have been depriving the Rohingyas of the enjoyment of a humane and safe life, for decades. Those who are extremely vulnerable to such abuses are precisely the children from this minority group. Furthermore, the Rohingyas also face an […]

The dire condition of children in Pakistan affected by historic floods

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Pakistan‘s history of devastating floods has had a severe impact on children, increasing their vulnerability to abuse and negatively affecting their mental health. While child protection laws exist, their implementation needs improvement to address the plight of displaced children and rehabilitate them. In order to implement these efforts, it is crucial to provide psychosocial support […]

Silencing the scream: tackling the problem of yelling at children in parenting practices

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Yelling at children is a common but harmful practice in parenting that often leads to negative outcomes in children’s development. It is important to note that no culture or society explicitly approves of yelling at children as a parenting practice. Parents can model healthy coping strategies by managing their own emotions and teaching their children […]

A persisting and harmful practice of child marriage in Vietnam

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The widespread and harmful practice of child marriage is regrettably no novelty and it still, affects the children and young girls of Vietnam as an ongoing practice. Poverty, unequal access to education, social context, gender norms, harmful practices, ethnicity, and bride trafficking are found to be the leading causes of the persisting practice of child […]

The risks for children surfing the internet

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The internet has the potential to broaden horizons and ignite creativity the world over, but with these opportunities come serious risks: cyberbullying, emotional abuse, grooming, sexual abuse and exploitation are some of the major risks which children may encounter every day all over the world. Raising awareness on this issue and promoting tools to detect […]

The situation of Ukrainian refugee children in Poland

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Poland has been the country that has welcomed the biggest number of refugees coming from Ukraine since the start of the conflict. Indeed, the response of the Polish government and the Polish people has been very supportive. Out of all the refugees who have arrived in Poland, there is also a great number of children […]