How to End Child Labour in India? #BacktoSchoolwithHumanium!

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Over 30 million children in India between the ages of 6 and 13 won’t start the new academic year (Estimating the Number of out-of-school Children,  2016). Instead, many of those who are out-of-school are forced to work as ragmen, miners and in restaurants. Humanium’s Education Centre project gives children new hope to engage in formal […]

The situation of women in India

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In Indian society, women are traditionally discriminated against and excluded from political and family related decisions. Despite the large amount of work women must do on a daily basis to support their families, their opinions are rarely acknowledged and their rights are limited. From the time they are born, young Indian girls are the victims […]

Child Labour in India

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As June 12th is the World Day against Child Labour, our organization Humanium would like to recall the issue of child labour in India. 60 million children work in India and 10 million of them work in slavery. The Indian Ministry of Labour’s official figure for total child workers is 12.6 million. According to the […]

India: a land of contrasts

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India offers a very diversified geographical, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, political, economic and religious panorama. Its cultural heritage has a recorded history for over 4,500 years . Indian landscapes are diverse The total land area of India is 3,3 millions square kilometres where we can find desert areas (in the west), high mountain ranges (in the […]