The project in the village of Sankarapuram was a success!

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In 2009, Humanium launched a global project for sustainable development in the village of Sankarapuram in south-eastern India. This project has now finished and we are proud to announce to all those who have followed and supported the project that it was a success!

All of the joint objectives between Humanium and its local partners and villages have been reached. The combination of the six support programs (Education, Microfinance, Health, Environment, Human Rights, and Participatory Democracy) acted on the problems met by the community to meet the needs of the villagers.

The village is now free of child labor and all the children are being educated. Thanks to a sustainable income generation program, there was a reduction in poverty which led to improved living conditions for the villagers. The overall level of health and hygiene has improved significantly, notably among women and children, who no longer suffer from malnutrition.

The impact of the project is radical when comparing the attitude of women in Sankarapuram before and after. It is apparent in their behavior: they have taken charge of their own lives. This impact is also reflected in children and other villagers who are living healthier lives.

The village now continues this development on its own!

On behalf of the villagers and the children in Sankarapuram, the Humanium team gratefully acknowledges and expresses its profound gratitude to all of those who have supported the project.

The global sustainable development project in the village of Sankarapuram in India is now complete and we are proud to announce that this project was a real success!