Help for higher education

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Humanium is extending its efforts to teenagers and young adults so they can pursue higher education. This is part of the organisation’s education programme: the aim is to eradicate child labour and, in the process, guarantee children consistently receive regular schooling

These young people come from underprivileged villages in south eastern India where community development projects are under way in order to improve the living conditions of the children and other villagers.

Financial aid is necessary so that these highly-motivated young men and women can pursue their studies. This aid mainly covers tuition, school supplies, and in some cases, housing expenses.

These future graduates are important for the economy and development of the region, but above all, they are essential for their families.

Once they graduate, these students will be able to obtain skilled occupations and help out with family expenses. The cycle of poverty must be broken so they can finally achieve a better future and start a family of their own.

Vijayan comes from a Gypsy community. In general, these children do not go to school because their parents frequently move.

Vijayan, however, has just finished middle school, thanks to financial contributions and moral support from teaching staff.

He needed help with his tuition and housing expenses in order to pursue a degree in business.

His classmates need you.  Help them !