‘We’re proud of our wives’

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Nowadays, men in the Indian village of Annathur take pride in their wives. They now view them with trust and gratitude.

Whilst families used to be dependent on men earning a living, meaning that more often than not children were left hungry, a professional training programme and the establishment of businesses supported by Humanium have led to some significant changes.

Today’s women have devised ways to put bread on the table. Through training, a business plan and microcredit, these women contribute to their family’s income and can even put money aside for the future.

In fact, saving is a key aspect of microfinance. With some money kept in savings, families can weather unforeseen circumstances rather than being plunged into debt and difficult times.

‘We’re proud of our wives’ say the men in Annathur, they’ve changed the way they live – and the way their village lives – for the better.